Revell Model Corvette Sebring 1971

I usually find a few models every year, and it is hard to know what they will go for.  I will never buy a model that looks incomplete.  I will buy incomplete Lego sets, but you don't want an incomplete model.  This one looks to be complete with instructions and is in good condition.  I picked up a few items at this sale and my cost for this probably ended up at about 75 cents.  For these smaller models I won't go over $2, and it would have to look really good to pay that much.  I like to pay a dollar or less, and then if it is a dirt common model, I can throw it into a lot and get a few dollars out of it.

Within the first hour of listing it I have 3 watchers.

My Auction (ends June 10),     Update: Sold for 99 cents.  What is going on ?

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