Back in Action (sort of) ...Delphi SkyFi XM Radio receiver

I have made some progress cleaning out the garage, and the local goodwill store must love me.  I have started dropping by garage sales again, although I am being VERY picky.  I do not want to be a crazy hoarder featured on a cable TV reality show.  Until I have the elbow room to take on some more projects, if it needs work or is not ready to sell as is, I'm not interested.

I picked up a Delphi SkyFi XM radio receiver at a garage sale for $1.  The lady told me it worked just fine, and I decided that for a dollar, I could throw it away if it was worthless. I bought this based on my past success with two different Sirius radio receivers.

I am selling it as tested and working based on the previous owner's input.  I have found that people tend to tell the truth about the working condition of these things when you know where they live.  If it is a dud, then I will be out a dollar. 

The auction has 6 watchers so far and ends on Saturday.  I am hoping to get at least $20 out of it.

Here is the Amazon product:

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