Slight change of direction

I started this blog to chronicle the items that I buy at garage sales and flip on ebay.  I have been doing this for a long time, and the only drawback is that sometimes I end up with pieces and parts, odds and ends, and general piles of stuff that sit unsold.  Some of these items need repair, some are orphans that need to be paired with other items.

Although I usually end up making money on this stuff, sometimes it has to sit for months or years until it is ready to sell.  This would not be a problem if I had a nice big barn or huge basement.  Unfortunately, I have neither of those things and the piles of crap drive my wife crazy.  Crazy to the point of talking about moving to a bigger house, because of my crap.

We just refinanced into a 15 year mortgage at a fixed 4.25%, with a payment that is only about $200 more than we were paying when we bought the place 5 years ago.  Our house is not huge, but it is a great property in a great neighborhood with great neighbors.  I don't want to move, and moving to a bigger place just to store my yard sale junk is what really sounds crazy to me.


I have come to the conclusion that I need to get my house under control.  My house is bursting at the seams with video games, board games, and a plethora of other junk that needs to go.  The house is bloated.  We are going to exorcise the bloat.

I am officially on yard sale hiatus, but I will continue to sell on ebay and craigslist to get rid of the excess junk.  I will continue to blog about the stuff I am selling, and I will do my best to remember what I paid for it, and try to offer buying tips for similar items.

I love my wife, and I love my house.  I need to clean my crap out of the house so that my wife will love our house again.

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