Baby Car seat and Stroller

Here is an opportunity to talk about another area of yard sales that often goes overlooked - baby stuff. I picked up this Evenflo car seat with base and stroller for $10. If you have done much selling, you know that this is going to cost a fortune to ship.

So don't ship it!

If you haven't heard of craigslist.org, it is a free local classified advertising site. I use it to list all the big stuff where shipping would kill the deal on ebay. The other great thing about it, is that it is free, so there are no ebay or paypal fees. It is also fast and simple to set up a listing. I didn't spend more than 15 minutes on this listing, and I will most likely have it sold within a couple of days, even with the ugly stain.


I am asking $40 bucks for it.  The other nice thing about craigslist is that the buyer will come to you and take it away.  No packing, no shipping, and get paid in cash.

*Please use caution and common sense when meeting strangers over the internet, online craigslist scams are common.  Face to face crime is rare, but it has happened.

Update 5/20/10:
So zero response on this.  I bought a pack n play for $10 last weekend and I am going to list them together in the same lot.  It's time to use the first trick of retail;  if it's not selling, raise the price!

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  1. No hits on this yet. I really wish I would have seen the stain before I got it home. Price lowered to $30, that ought to do it.