Lord of the Rings Trilogy Boxed set of books

I've been getting into selling books lately, and it has been hit and miss.  I have take a lot of books to the goodwill.  I picked up this boxed set after having some great success with the Lemony Snicket Series last week.  I was disappointed to see that the individual books from this set all have 'buy it now' prices of $1 with $3 shipping.  However when I searched the ISBN number of the boxed set, there are only 5 complete boxed sets like this for sale, and they are all asking over $50.

Is the cardboard box that holds the books worth $35 ???
I paid $5 for the set, so we'll see what happens... Ends May 11
The Lord of the Rings by Alan Lee, J. R. R. Tolkien 

Update:  Sold for $32.79, however due to my packaging error, the cardboard box broke open and the buyer settled for a 50% refund.  I still ended up making money, but hasty packing cost me a chunk of change on this.

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