King Oil by Milton Bradley

I found this one two weeks ago, but I thought it was worth sharing.  Many times board games will only cost a dollar at yard sales, this one actually cost $1.50.  After a while you will figure out which games are valuable and which are not, but I try to go with games that I have not heard of before.  Also, any game with a dungeons & dragons theme, or a WW2 theme sells pretty well.  

Sorry, you childhood copy of monopoly is worth about 50 cents, unless of course it was a first printing.  The same is true for other common board games.  I bought a pristine copy of Clue from the 1960's, it is worth $10, which is what it costs to ship anywhere.  Stay away from common board games to resell unless it is a first printing in good condition.  

Anyway, I picked up this game for $1.50 and it sold for $31.  Board games are good to know about, because a lot of people will skip right over them.  It was after noon in a large community garage sale when I found this.  Hundreds of people had already passed it over.

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