Six pairs of women's jeans

I saw a guy on ebay who was selling nothing but used jeans, and he was getting upwards of $15 per pair.  So I saw these jeans at a yard sale for 50 cents each, and I picked out the nicest ones.

I got them home and asked my wife what style or cut they were, she looked at them and said, "eww, those are 80's housewife style". 

I guess this is why I'm not allowed to buy clothes for the kids.

6 pairs womens jeans size 12 petite  started at 99 cents, ends May 26.

Update:  sold for less than $2, and I messed up the shipping weight, giving me a net loss of about $5.  The lesson here is that you really need to know the style and the cut of the jeans you are selling.  Mens jeans would probably be a little easier, as the styles do not change nearly as fast as women's clothing.


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