First Post

Welcome to my Blog! In this blog I will track some of my yard sale purchases that I flip on ebay. This has been a side business (and at times a primary business) for me since about 1996 when I started buying old Atari games at the thrift store and putting them on ebay. Back then, it was very uncommon for an ebay listing to have a picture, as most people did not own digital cameras. Paypal did not exist, and you had to trust the person on the other end with a money order.

My best percentage to date is an atari game that I bought for 70 cents at the thrift store, and sold it for $285. My best profit to date is a McIntosh Preamp that I bought for $20 and sold for $500. Lately, as more people are selling their own stuff on ebay, garage sales have been getting thinner and thinner, and I have had to expand my knowledge base to keep my sales going.

My current ebay user name is bcsteveandsara, and I will try to share my successes here as time allows

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